Why Island State Wastewater Maintenance for your system maintenance?

Our highly trained service technicians have over 25 years of experience and industry relationships to provide the highest level of service and expertise.

In addition, once we assume responsibility for maintaining your wastewater system we offer a full warranty and guarantee on all pumps, electrical and pipe components of the system. This is for the life of our agreement, regardless of the age of the pumps. This warranty also includes call outs, so there will be no costly call out fees for any breakdowns.

We also promise to have any faults rectified within 24 hours, regardless of location.

What maintenance do you typically perform?

The exact maintenance processes and tests that we undertake during a scheduled service is tailored to your environment, system, and your requests. For systems that require regular servicing to meet local council requirements we typically undertake the following:

  • Renewing the supply of disinfecting agents,
  • Testing water quality
  • Inspecting the irrigation system
  • Adjusting air supply
  • Adjusting sludge return controls
  • Monitoring sludge levels

We also monitor and record the complete operation of the plant and supply a written report to the owner and local authorities.

Council Compliant and Tas Water Certificated

Maintaining your waste water system to meet local council requirements as well as those of Tas Water can be time consuming over the life of your system. But Island State Wastewater Maintenance can provide regular scheduled maintenance of your wastewater system that meets all State requirements including those relating to reporting.

What areas do you service?

Island State Wastewater Maintenance provides maintenance and servicing to all areas of Tasmania.

Island State Wastewater Maintenance Ute and Machinery on green point with water and blue sky in distance